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Meet the Committee

Photo of Dr Arjen J Jansen
Dr Arjen J Jansen
President Delft University of TechnologySenior lecturer at the school of Industrial Design Engineering
Photo of Dr David James
Dr David James

Principal Research Fellow, Centre for Sports Engineering Research, Sheffield Hallam University, UK

Photo of Professor Rachel Obbard
Professor Rachel Obbard

Assistant Professor, Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth, USA

Photo of Dr Heather Driscoll
Dr Heather Driscoll

Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University

Photo of Mr Patrick Drane
Mr Patrick Drane

Chair of Conferences and Events Sub-Committee, Assistant Director of the Baseball Research Center at the University of Massachusetts Lowell

Photo of Dr Nadine Lippa
Dr Nadine Lippa
Senior Materials Engineer – Tactical Optics Gentex Corporation in Scranton, PA
Photo of Mr Stefan Litzenberger
Mr Stefan Litzenberger

Deputy Program Director Bachelor Sports Equipment Technology, University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien

Photo of Associate Professor Akihiro Matsuda
Associate Professor Akihiro Matsuda
University of TsukubaDivision of Engineering Mechanics and Energy, Faculty of Engineering, Information and Systems
Photo of Professor Hiroki Okubo
Professor Hiroki Okubo
Chiba Institute of Technology
Photo of Associate Professor Nicola Petrone
Associate Professor Nicola Petrone
University of Padova, ItalyMachine Design and Sports Engineering, Department of Industrial Engineering
Dr Tom Waller
LululemonSenior Vice President, innovation and R&D (Whitespace)
Photo of Dr James Webster
Dr James Webster
Open innovation managerUnder Armour Inc
Photo of Paul Wood
Paul Wood
PING, IncVP Engineering
Photo of Jonathan Shepherd
Jonathan Shepherd
Student Member Griffith University, NathanCentre of Excellence for Applied Sport Science Research, Queensland Academy of Sport & Sport and Biomedical Engineering Laboratories (SABEL)