Image Competition 2013/14 Terms & Conditions

Promoter: the Centre for Sports Engineering Research (CSER), Sheffield Hallam University (SHU), on behalf of the International Sports Engineering Association (ISEA)

1. Definitions

Animation animation or film
Computer Generated Category animations or images created in whole or in part with the aid of computer software
Closing Date midnight on 30th April 2014
Entry A fully completed on-line entry form accompanied by  a single Animation or Image in correct format
Entry Requirements as set out in Section 2 of these Terms
Image single still image
Photographic Category animations or images created with the aid of a camera
Promoter Centre for Sports Engineering Research, Sheffield Hallam University,
Sponsor International Sports Engineering Association

2. Entry Requirements

  2.1.  Entry to the competition is free.

  2.2.  The competition opens on 27th January 2014.

  2.3.  Closing date for entries is midnight on 1st April 2014. The Promoter reserve the right to extend the Closing Date at its own discretion.

3.  Entries must be submitted electronically by the online form only, any Entry submitted on disc or other storage media are not permitted.

4.  Each Entrant must be the individual who:

  4.1.  in the case of the Photographic Category took the original photograph or film; or

  4.2.  in the case of the Computer Generated Category created the work

5.  Each Entrant may submit up to three Entries in total.

6.  All Entries must demonstrate engineering or science in sport.

7.  Images must be in digital format (JPEG or TIFF only) at a minimum of 300 dpi and between a minimum file size of 3MB and 30MB. Images can be downsized for submission; however winners will be required to provide a high resolution version of their submitted image.

8.  Animations must be in digital format (MPEG or WMV only), and a maximum file size of 30MB.

9.  Images or Animations which have been nominated for a prize in any other major image competition are not eligible.

10.  Portrayals of illegal activity, or images that may be deemed to cause offence, are not permitted. Entries that, in the sole discretion of the judges, are considered inappropriate or unsuitable for publication will be deemed ineligible and will be disqualified.

11.  All entries must be made on-line using the entry form and include:

  11.1. an image caption or title,

  11.2. an Abstract (maximum 150 words) describing the image/animation and the research behind it ensuring the abstract is written for a non-technical audience using plain language.

  11.3. an explanation as to how the image/animation was created as follows;

    11.3.1. Photographic Category: When and where the image was taken, and what camera or equipment was used to capture the image.

    11.3.2.  Computer Generated Category: When the image was created, and what software was used in the generation of the image.

  11.4. Entrants must declare if the image, photographic or computer generated, has been manipulated (e.g. modified in Photoshop) in any form, and details of the manipulation must be detailed.

12. Entries that do not conform to the Entry Requirements will be disqualified.

13. The Promoter does not accept any liability for lost, damaged, delayed, or incomplete entries.

14. Winners and Prizes

  14.1. Subject to no extension to the Closing Date all Winners will be announced on 30th April 2014 on the Competition webpages and each Winner will be contacted directly by email.

  14.2. The Prize Fund is £700. The Entry judged overall best in show will receive £250. The winner of each Category will receive £100. Ten best in show runners up will receive £25.

15. Entries will be judged on their visual impact, public appeal and ability to convey sports engineering. Entries will also be judged alongside the caption putting the image into context.

16. The Judges will be appointed by the Promoter are subject to change without notice at the discretion of the Promoter The Judges’ decision is final.

17. Prizes will be awarded in July 2014.

18. Competition winners will be expected to receive their prize in person at the 2014 Conference of the International Sports Engineering Association. Reasonable exceptions will be considered.

19. Winners will be required to submit their Entries in a high resolution format for print and publicity purposes.

20. Winning images may be used in media coverage and press may wish to contact Winners following announcement of winners.

21. Intellectual Property

  21.1. Copyright in each Entry (before and after any manipulation) must either be held by the Entrant or the Entrant must have the express written consent from the beneficial owner of the Work to enter the Work in the Competition and to grant the rights set out in ‎22.2. The Promoter reserves the right to request confirmation of copyright ownership or evidence of any consent.

  21.2. By entering the competition, each Entrant consents to, or has obtained consent for:

    21.2.1. the Image/Animation to be publicly displayed in online photo galleries on Flickr, Facebook, and participating blogs, in compliance with the respective site’s user terms and conditions. Further information about these user terms and conditions can be found on Facebook, and Flickr/Yahoo. [put in links?]; and

    21.2.2.  use by ISEA and CSER/SHU all submitted Images/Animations and Abstracts, including those not chosen to win prizes, in promotional activities, without further permission from, or providing payment to, the Entrant. Appropriate acknowledgement will be given to the Entrant if his/her Image/Animation is so reproduced. Copyright will remain with the copyright holder.

  21.3. Each Winner shall check with the Promoter before using a Winning Entry elsewhere to avoid conflict of interests. Such use shall include entering it into another competition and publishing it anywhere other than in a personal portfolio of work.

22. Warranties

  22.1. By submitting his/her Entry each Entrant represents and warrants to ISEA and CSER/SHU that;

    22.1.1.  he/she is the beneficial owner of the copyright in his/her Entry submission, or that you have all right and authority to grant the rights set out in ‎22.2

    22.1.2.  he/she has obtained all permissions necessary from all persons (or their legal guardians) depicted in the submissions. Images in public places do not require release from background people/subject.

23. Subject to 18.2, each Entrant, by entering the Competition, and  if the Entry is deemed eligible and is a Prize Winner, hereby consents to the use of his/her name, biographical information, winning Entry, Abstract, any statements made by the Entrant and any photographs of the Entrant taken subsequently, being used for promotional purposes without additional compensation to you.