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Summer School / Winter School

The 6th ISEA Winter school in Sports Engineering will be held in Åre, Sweden from April 8-12, 2016.

Åre is one of Sweden’s most known ski resorts and was hosting the 2007 World Championships in Alpine Skiing.  This year’s Winter School will be organized by Mid Sweden University Sports Tech Research Centre (Professor Mikael Bäckström and Professor Andrei Koptioug). Due to some sponsoring from both isea and the University, the costs for participants will be kept as low as possible.

More information on registration, costs and travelling to Åre will be out soon. please visit www.miun.se/winterschool2016 Previous winter/summer schools have been held since 2009.
  • ISEA Winterschool 2013, San Vito – Cortina, Italy.
  • ISEA Winterschool 2011, San Vito – Cortina, Italy. 28 students from Italy, Germany, USA, Japan. Instrumented skis/snowboards prepared by students and tested in the slopes
  • ISEA Summerschool 2009, Chemnitz, Germany. 21 students from UK, Italy, Germany, USA. Preparation and Use of strain-gauges in sports equipment analysis