About the ISEA

The International Sports Engineering Association is well into its second decade of existence. During the early years, the field of sports engineering worked hard to define itself as a recognized academic discipline as well as professional field in the sports industry. Today, the field is largely recognized as a distinct discipline of engineering as evidenced by annual international conferences, numerous regional and technical specific conferences, and four distinct journals.

The International Sports Engineering Association serves the rapidly growing community of sports engineering academics and practitioners by promoting the field of sports engineering through information sharing between members, the publication of the journal Sports Engineering, the production of the biannual conference, The Engineering of Sport, and support of the biannual conference the Asia-Pacific Conference on Sports Technology. We invite you to contribute your work to our journal and conferences.

The ISEA maintains two databases as a service to its membership. The first is our member database, and the second is a searchable research database of sports engineering publications. Both of these databases are very useful for research and product innovation initiatives.

We invite you to browse the ISEA website and discover the field of sports engineering. And we hope you consider joining our community and the ISEA.

A copy of the Articles of Association can be found ISEA Articles Co Limited by Guarantee 281119

A copy of the Bye Laws can be found ISEA Bye Laws – March 2024