Engaging Sports Engineering Grants

This grant supports sports engineering engagement projects and activities that serve the charitable purpose of the ISEA.

• Grants of up to £2500 are available to eligible applicants. Exceptionally, funds requested for over this amount will be considered by the board
• Funds need to be spent within a 6-month period after the grant award
• Eligibility criteria apply
• Applications are assessed on a quarterly basis
• Round 1 applications close at 5pm UTC on 19th of February
• Round 2 applications close at 5pm UTC on 14th of May
• Round 3 applications close at 5pm UTC on 13th of August
• Round 4 applications close at 5pm UTC on 12th of November

To apply
Please complete the grant application form along with an ISEA Risk assessment and send by email to isea@shu.ac.uk.

The applicant must be a current member (of any level) with the ISEA. The application must address one or more of the four goals listed below in accordance with the ISEA charitable purpose.

Charitable purpose
“To advance the education of the public (and particularly amongst engineers and scientists, both student and professional) on the subject of sports engineering and to publish the useful results.”

Engaging Sports Engineering Grant goals
1. STEM participation—to increase the number or diversity of individuals participating in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects.
2. Public engagement—to increase engagement and participation of the community in sports engineering based activities.
3. Scientist engagement—to increase the number of scientists or engineers directly engaging with the ISEA community.
4. Public awareness—to increase public awareness and understanding of the science and engineering advances being developed by ISEA members.

How you will be assessed
The ISEA Engaging Sports Engineering Grants assessment criteria are:
1. Well planned project that will deliver and communicate information on an important sports engineering topic/s that is beneficial to the target audience. The proposal must specify how the project will be beneficial and to whom, such that it can be measured (see 3.) (weight: 50%).

If applicable, applicants must also give details of the following as these elements will be highly regarded:

i. Collaboration
• Applicants should provide the names of persons, organisations and institutions (e.g. schools, research institutes, media organisations and community groups etc.) that the applicants will collaborate with to develop and deliver the project, event or activity.
• Applicants should demonstrate that the collaborators, partners and presenters have the capability and complementary expertise to successfully deliver the project, event or activity.

ii. Support from sponsors or partners
• Applicants should demonstrate the cash contributions from sponsors or partners through submission of the letters of support towards the delivery of the project, event or activity.

iii. Regional delivery
• Applicants should provide the details of the venue or location where the project, event or activity will be held or carried out.

2. A schedule identifying clear deliverables that address funding goals set forth above (weight: 30%).

3. Plans for effective promotion of the proposed project and evaluation of its success (weight: 20%).

i. that identify the target audience;
ii. that describe the planned use of effective promotional activities to attract the maximum reach to the target audience;
iii. that include an evaluation mechanism that will generate quantitative and qualitative feedback to measure the success of the project.

Assessment process
Applications will be assessed:
• Through a competitive, merit-based process, against the program’s eligibility and assessment criteria
• by a panel of assessors from the Executive Committee of the ISEA.

The number of grants awarded will depend on the number and quality of applications received and the available funding pool at a given time. Applicants may be contacted during the assessment process to clarify information provided in the application and/or to request additional information to enable the appropriate consideration of the application.

After your award
Following your event or activity, we ask that you produce a Grant Award Report for inclusion into the ISEA newsletter.

A summary of the awards the ISEA has funded can be found here.