ISEA International Lecture Series

We are delighted to introduce the ISEA International Lecture Series on Sports Engineering. The lecture series aims to disseminate research activities carried out within the field of sports engineering. The topics covered will include, but not be limited to, biomechanics, development and/or testing of sports equipment, sport performance monitoring, safety and injury prevention.

Regularly, well-known speakers from all over the world will be invited to the lecture series to present their advances in sports engineering related projects. Given the international nature of this event, talk times will be determined based on the time zone of the invited speaker. Lectures are recorded and made available to our members online.

If you want to nominate yourself as a future speaker or just want to know more please feel free to get in touch with us. The Lecture Series is organised by the ISEA Outreach Committee:

Giuseppe Sanseverino

Akihiro Matsuda

Patrick Drane

Below is a list of our upcoming lectures in the series:

Sorry, there are no upcoming lectures to display, please check back soon for more information.