Student Project Competition

What is the ISEA Student Project Competition?
The ISEA Student Project Competition is an annual, international competition for sports engineering students. The competition is open to undergraduate, masters, and PhD students, at any institution of higher education in the world, who have recently undertaken a project on a sports engineering or sports technology topic. Projects are defined as work wherein the students are the primary contributor. Both individual and group submissions are eligible.

In order to participate in the project, students are encouraged to submit an infographic outlining their project work.

What is an infographic?

An infographic is “a visualization of data or ideas that tries to convey complex information to an audience in a manner that can be quickly consumed and easily understood.”

Hence, infographics are considered a “cool” and timeless way to attract people’s attention and easily transfer information to a bigger audience.

When creating an infographic, it is crucial to find a nice compromise between simplifying the content of your project as far as possible without losing too much information. It is also about finding the correct balance between suitable graphic icons, numbers and figures, text passages and the arrangement of those. Always keep in mind that you want to feed your audience with information that can be processed easily and quickly.

Source: Smiciklas, M. (2012). The power of infographics: Using pictures to communicate and connect with your audiences. Que Publishing.

Who can participate?
Any student can participate!

To submit to the ISEA Student Project Competition you just need to be an undergraduate, masters, or PhD student, at any institution of higher education in the world, who has recently been working on a sports engineering or sports technology related project. In addition, you can still enter if you have recently graduated, as long as the project was done whilst studying.

You can participate as an individual of a group of students.

How does the ISEA judge the projects?
Judging of the submissions is carried out by the members of the executive committee (EC) of the ISEA.

First, one member of the subcommittee for Education & Grants will make sure that only the anonymous versions of the submissions will be provided for the judgement of the remaining EC members.

Next, each submission will be awarded with marks in the following four categories, which all carry equal weighting:

• Academic rigour (quality of content in terms of accuracy and validity of data presented)
• Originality (innovative, novelty aspect)
• Presentation (quality of design, visual appeal)
• Knowledge transfer potential (presentation of complex subject in easy to understand format)

What can you win?
The ISEA Student Project Competition offers attractive prizes to the three best-rated submissions:

• 1st prize: £200 and student membership to the ISEA for one year*
• 2nd prize: £100 and student membership to the ISEA for one year*
• 3rd prize: £50 and student membership to the ISEA for one year*

*The prize funds for group submissions will be shared equally among members and each member will receive an ISEA student membership for one year.

How will your project be disseminated?
The three best-rated submissions will be posted on the ISEA website and social media channels.

Furthermore, the winners will be invited to give a short talk or to send in a short video about their project based on the content of their submission, which will then also be shared with the sports engineering community.

Ready to submit?
Please prepare your project in the form of an infographic.

Make sure to consider the following formalities:

• The infographic must be vertical (portrait orientation) with a width to height ratio between 1:2 and 1:3.
• The infographic must contain the ISEA logo, which is available for download in light or dark version.
• Create 2 versions of your infographic:
o Version 1: Original version for dissemination including names, affiliations and contact details of all entrants
o Version 2: Anonymous version for the judging process

Deadline for applications is 31st October 2023

Please submit your infographic in PDF or PNG format. Submissions should be sent to