Journal Open Access Publishing Award

As a member of the International Sports Engineering Association (ISEA) who has recently had a paper accepted to Sports Engineering, you can apply for the ISEA to cover the cost of publishing your paper open access.

To apply
To apply for the ISEA to cover the cost of publishing your paper open access, you must:

• Be a member of the ISEA
• Have not already benefitted from the scheme within a 1-year membership period (nor must have any co-authors).
• Not work for a university with a “Read and Publish” style agreement in place with Springer that would cover an open access fee for Sports Engineering (nor must any co-authors).
• Have financial limitations that prevent you from covering the open access fee.
• Apply within a week of notification that your paper has been accepted to Sports Engineering, and before your paper is published.

Submit this form and the email notifying acceptance of your paper to the Editor-in-Chief ( of Sports Engineering, and cc

Decisions will be based on the need for support and the plan for promoting the open access paper, not the quality of the accepted manuscript (which has already been confirmed at the point of acceptance). You will be notified of the decision within a week, so as not to delay the publication process.

After your award
• Acknowledge the ISEA for covering the open access fee in the funding section of the paper (in the proofs).
• Take advantage of having an open access paper, promoting it to your network and on social media, while acknowledging the ISEA for covering the open access fee.
• Provide a video on the paper for the Sports Engineering YouTube channel .
• Promote the funding scheme and ISEA.