Student Engagement Award

As a member of the International Sports Engineering Association (ISEA), you can apply for support to help you to engage and collaborate with the sports engineering community.

Our funds can be used to meet new contacts around the world, develop your special engineering skills and open up an exciting range of possibilities when looking for the next stage of your sports engineering career.

Examples of how your grant could be used:
– Travel costs for group visits to sports engineering companies
- Travel or accommodation costs for individual visits to other institutions or companies with the intention to collaborate on area of studys
- Travel or accommodation costs for speakers at invitational guest lecture or seminar event (to be organised by the applicants, speaker to be an ISEA member)
- Organisation of public engagement event involving Sports Engineering (applicant must be a speaker or part of organising committees
- Prize funds for Sports Engineering related competitions (organised by applicants)
- Other initiatives will be considered

We can award individual grants up to: £500 We can award group grants up to: £1000

• Applications are assessed on a quarterly basis
• Round 1 applications close at 5pm UTC on 19th of February
• Round 2 applications close at 5pm UTC on 14th of May
• Round 3 applications close at 5pm UTC on 13th of August
• Round 4 applications close at 5pm UTC on 12th of November

To apply
To apply for a grant, you must:
- Be enrolled as a student
- Be a member of the ISEA
- Can only apply once in a 1-year membership period
- Visiting the biannual ISEA conference cannot be supported
- Visiting other conferences can be supported in case the applicant presents a poster or oral presentation (+indicates ISEA’s support on the slides / poster (logo))
- Support for research, exchange programs, trials, or other sports engineering related activities is encouraged
- Will align deadlines with Promoting Sports Engineering Grant deadlines, quarterly
- Attendance at ISEA Winter schools is not eligible

- Complete the application form, outlining how you will use the funds
- Complete the ISEA risk assessment form and submit with your application

- Include a supporting statement from a tutor or advisor at your enrolled institution

Application form must be submitted before the activity or event takes place.

After your award
During your event, please promote the ISEA (logo or brochures available if required).
Following your event or activity, we ask that you produce a Award report for inclusion into the ISEA newsletter.

A summary of the awards the ISEA has funded can be found here.