Synopsis Articles

ISEA and the Sports Engineering journal are committed to disseminating research to those researching in the field or to those with a keen interest in Sports Engineering. In order for Sports Engineering research to continue thriving in the future, it is critical that the next generation of engineers and scientists are aware and inspired by this latest research. This was something recognised by Minhong Kim a high school student in South Korea. He is passionate about the field of sports engineering, as it is an intersection of two of his favourite topics. His passion inspired him to reach out to the International Sports Engineering Association (ISEA), as he wants to play a role in facilitating the dissemination of sports engineering knowledge.

Minhong believes that by writing articles that are digestible for reading but also informative, ISEA can reach a broader audience and better disseminate knowledge. In addition to sports engineering, Minhong is interested in the field of biomechanics and STEM as a whole. He also enjoys watching and playing football (soccer).

Every month Minhong will be posting articles related to the research published in Sports Engineering and we look forward to supporting him in this role. These synopsis article’s can be found below as well as on Minhong’s own website, which also contains a range of other synopsis articles

American Football


Wrist Kinematics

Turf Pitches

Water Sports

Tennis: Friction

Football Tracking

Football Boots

Monitoring Heart Rate Variability

Calculating Striking Kinematics

Padded Clothing in Rugby Union

LIDAR-based Football Tracking