Wrist Kinematics

A study by researcher Ian T. Gatt and colleagues found that electromagnetic tracking systems can accurately measure wrist kinematics in boxers. Current methods to measure wrist motion, such as surface markers and electro-goniometers, have limitations.

The researchers found that wrist angles measured by the electromagnetic tracking system were mostly accurate. The angles deviated from a video- based system by under 0.2° when tested on a wrist surrogate and by under 6° in quasi-static testing with boxers. The electromagnetic tracking system also showed good reliability in measuring the angles of jab and hook shots.

Overall, the results of this work suggest that electromagnetic tracking systems may be a viable option in measuring wrist kinematics in boxers. More research needs to be conducted to evaluate if electromagnetic tracking systems can be used to measure motions in other sports.

Images obtained from Pixabay (Clker Free Vector Images, Greg Montani, Open ClipArt Vectors)