Student engagement

We are currently looking for students who would like to send us a video for our twitter “Student Month”. This month, we want to advertise students in the ISEA and the great work that they are doing. If you are interested in getting your personal shout-out on the sports engineering twitter page, please email, our student representative.

About the video: You can choose any format you’d like for this video. You can be creative and fun! You can talk about the work in your lab being done, about your latest project, or about the project you did with an ISEA grant you might have gotten in the past. Ideal would be if you could show some footage of the equipment being used, the lab itself, or any other cool sports engineering things you have used for your projects. If you’d like, you could also add one reason why you are part of the ISEA community.

We are looking forward to seeing and sharing your great work.

Patrick Mayerhofer