Archive of Previous Conferences

The First International Conference on the Engineering of Sport was held in Sheffield in 1996 and was organised by Professor Steve Haake. He created the ISEA in 1997 as a UK charity and launched it formally at the second conference in 1998, held again in Sheffield.

Year Venue Organisers Statistics Proceedings
13th Conference, 2020 Held online (originally Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo Japan) Motomu Nakashima (conference chair) and organising committee 123 Oral presentations
12th Conference, 2018 Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia Drs’ David Thiel, Jonathan Shepherd, Hugo Espinosa, David Rowlands 128 Oral presentations, over 35 poster presentations
11th Conference, 2016 TUDelft Sports Engineering Institute, Delft University of Technology Frans van der Helm (conference chair) and Arjen Jansen (editor in chief) 119 Oral presentations, 43 poster presentations
10th Conference, 2014 Held Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield UK Organised by Drs’ David James, Jon Wheat, Simon Choppin, Tom Allen & Mrs Amanda Brothwell, Sheffield Hallam University & Dr Paul Fleming, Loughborough University 126 Oral presentations, over 40 poster presentations
9th Conference, 2012 Held University of Massachusetts, Lowell, USA Organised by Jim Sherwood and Patrick Drane 145 Oral presentations
8th Conference, 2010 Held Vienna, Austria Organised by Anton Sabo, Stephan Litzenberger, Patricia Kafka & Christoph Sabo 167 Oral presentations
7th Conference, 2008 Held Biarritz, France Organised by Margaret Estivalet & Pierre Brisson 147 Oral presentations
6th Conference, 2006 Held 1972 Olympic Stadium Munich, Germany Organised by Eckehard Fozzy Moritz and the SportsKreastiveWerkstatt team 181 Oral presentations
5th Conference, 2004 Held University of California, Davis, USA Organised by Professor Mont Hubbard, Dr Rabi Mehta and Dr Jani Macari Pallis 173 Oral presentations
4th Conference, 2002 Held Kyoto, Japan Organised by Professor Sadayuki Ujihashi of Tokyo Institute of Technology 113 Oral presentations
3rd Conference, 2000 Held Holiday Inn, Coogee Beach, Sydney, Australia Organised by Dr Aleksandar Subic of RMIT University 57 Oral presentations
2nd Conference, 1998 Held Stephenson Hall, Sheffield, UK Organised by Dr Steve Haake, University of Sheffield 64 Oral presentations
1st Conference, 1996 Held Halifax Hall, Sheffield, UK Organised by Dr Steve Haake, University of Sheffield 50 Oral presentations