Daniel James

The International ISEA STEMfit Cup

The grant was used to provde hardware and infrastructure to support an international Sports Engineering competition in primary schools. International teams were lead by renowned Sports Engineering researchers including Prof. Yuji Ohgi from Keio University Japan , A/Prof Tomo Wada from National Institute of Fitness and Sports, Japan, Prof Nicola Petrone from the University of Padova, Italy, Dr Mohammad Al-Rawi, Waikato Institute of Technology, Hamilton, New Zealand, Dr Lee, James from Charles Darwin University, Dr. Willis Griffith University, Brisbane Australia and Dr Brendon Ferrier from Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland.

A big congratulations to all teams who entered from Ngukurr and Brisbane -Australia, New Zealand, Scotland and Japan. With the various challenges of heat, rain , snow and COVID school closures it was impressive that all schools did so well. Not all schools could do all events, especially as some were constrained to backyards. The judges particularly liked the creativity of the Ngukurr video, the enthusiasm of the Haggis girls and the rock solid research performance of HPSS. Special mention to NZ’s young team who put everything together and we absolutely loved the precision of the 1/100’s of a second measurements from Team Japan..you guys rock!

A paper will be presented at the ISEA 2022 conference.

Authors: Daniel James, James Lee, Yuji Ohgi, Charlene Willis, Nicola Petrone, Brendon Ferrier, Tomohito Wada, Mohammad Al-Rawi and Jeff Parker

Title: STEM educational engagement through coopetition, sport and wearable technology

Youtube STEMfit cup playlist of announcements and entrants

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