Journal of Sports Engineering announce ‘Paper of the Year’

Sports Engineering journal Best Paper of the Year competition.

The following papers were selected. These papers are of the highest quality in term of their significance, novelty and rigor.

First place

Smith, C., Saulino, M., Luong, K., Simmons, M., Nessler, J.A. and Newcomer, S.C., 2020. Effect of wetsuit outer surface material on thermoregulation during surfing. Sports Engineering, 23(1), pp.1-8.

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Greybe, D.G., Jones, C.M., Brown, M.R. and Williams, E.M., 2020. Comparison of head impact measurements via an instrumented mouthguard and an anthropometric testing device. Sports Engineering, 23, pp.1-11.

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Hermann, A., Ostarhild, J., Mirabito, Y., Bauer, N. and Senner, V., 2020. Stretchable piezoresistive vs. capacitive silicon sensors integrated into ski base layer pants for measuring the knee flexion angle. Sports Engineering, 23(1), pp.1-10.

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